Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You all think that I've totally abandoned you...

...and I can't blame you for that. But it's so not true! My life just got sort of turned upside down - like you know how sometimes when you stand up but you forgot that your purse was in your lap, and then everything that was in your purse gets dumped out onto the floor and it takes 'round about forever to pick it all up and make sense of it again? Well it's kind of like that.

It's really literally kind of like that - moving is always kind of like that, isn't it? And I'm sure not done unpacking, and I don't yet have all the furniture I need to be organized in the new space. What's particularly lacking is the pieces I need to set up my creative wares - like my cross stitch supplies!

Eventually I hope to have a special chair - maybe even a rocking chair?! - in the sun room in the front of the apartment, with a basket next to it full of flosses and yarns and all of that wonderful goodness, so that I can sit in there and watch the sunset (it's west-facing) and stitch away to my heart's content. It seems like a dream right now, but eventually we'll get it done.

Despite it all I'm still making (incredibly slow) progress on that little butterfly-o-mine. Pictures forthcoming. Really!

I have not forsaken you, really I haven't. It's just that, as usual, I've taken up a new project during a period where I'm having difficulty even finding time to eat dinner. I'm a genius like that.


  1. i want to sit in that room and make stuff with you can we drink lemonade?

  2. Yes! We so can! The only caveat being that you, of course, would have to come to Queens. But for lemonade and cross stitch, isn't it worth it?