Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So, one of the reasons that I have finally gotten up the gumption to start cross stitching again is that my friend Tamara has done the same. She's extremely crafty, especially when it comes to materials like fabric and thread. She recently started up an endeavor called Brooklyn Craft, which will no doubt one day culminate in becoming the awesomest craft storefront in Brooklyn. For now though you'll have to visit her blog (and of course her etsy) to see her amazing baby clothes and sock monkeys.

She's been doing some rather advanced cross stitches: see for yourself.

See? She's fancy. I keep asking her to make a giant mermaid. We'll see if she does it. Here's one she's just getting started on:

It looks... a lot like those gorgeous kits that I see and think, wow, that's way too hard for me. I bet she'll get it done though. She's like that.

In other news, I found the best web page ever for cute tiny designs. Apparently this guy (I think it's a guy, anyway) took little uncopyrighted pictures from the internet and turned them into cross stitching charts! There are some really super adorable patterns. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

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