Monday, March 9, 2009

Progress report - contains 100% real progress!

Just thought I'd check in and let you see how Mr. Owl's doing. He's coming along, if I do say so myself.

Depending on what kind of time I end up having, he may even get finished this week! There's really not much left, but then I'm really looking at a hectic week. So we'll just have to see how it plays out.

I think he'll be a cute little bugger when all is said and done. I do need to decide whether or not he needs some kind of decorative border, and whether or not to put him in a lil' frame. I also need to figure out whether or not I'm going to give him away. I love him, but I don't know what I'd do with him, and maybe he'd bring some joy to someone else.

And, maybe most importantly, I have to figure out what my next project will be! Exciting.

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