Thursday, March 5, 2009

The mysteries of aida, and a progress report.

I remember this stuff being a lot... limper. Like fabric. There was no way to stitch in it without putting it in a loop. The aida I've gotten though is very stiff; I've seen no reason to put it in a frame at all. Is it just the brand that I got? Or is this what it's like now?

It doesn't particularly bother me other than that it's, uh, weird. And by weird I mean different. Is it maybe that the finer meshes are softer? Thus far I've only touched 11 and 14 point.

In other news, my Owl he grows! At least now he has a face. I wanted the eyes to be good and black, and even using three strands the white is showing through in other places in the stitching, so I went ahead and used the full six strands. It's crazy thick! I definitely wouldn't try doing that on a larger area unless I decide to use a larger adia point... Anyway, mission accomplished. The eyes are black as night, like woah.

And onward we stitch.


  1. Cuuute! I love his huge body and scrawny legs. But then I guess that's owls fer ya.

  2. Hee, yeah, it makes it easier for them to keep their toes warm with their belly feathers.