Saturday, March 21, 2009

Meet Mr. Owl!

He is completed! And he still doesn't have a name, so he's still Mr. Owl. But that's an alright name in and of itself, I suppose. Regardless of what he may or may not be named, he is finished, and I believe him to be cute as a button. (Though I may be biased - you know how moms can be.)

So... you wanna see him? Well... ok. :)


Of course he didn't come out quite how I had envisioned. Do they ever? The big thing is that I wanted a more drastic contrast between his face color and his wing color. If you look REAL close, you can tell that they're different shades of yellow-orange. But I wanted it to be more striking. When I started him, I only had the one pack of semi-cheapo thread to work with - and so not many colors to choose from. Ah, so it goes.

The other thing he taught me? Well, when I started him my aida was super stiff. Like it was made of plastic or something. I thought I'd maybe bought the wrong stuff! (Little did I know that this is the normal state for new aida.) So I didn't put it in any kind of frame. And of course as I worked with it it got softer. Well, I'm guessing due to the way I worked the stitches (a whole row at a time, rather than individually), he ended up kinda lopsided! Which I don't think would have happened so much if he'd been in a frame. So it goes - I'll know better next time.

From the original design I was worried he was gonna come out somewhat angular - it's amazing how much rounder the stitches really do look. I hadn't planned to do the blue accents in his belly with backstitch, but when it came time to do them it seemed the logical choice. I like how it came out; I think doing full stitches for it would have been overbearing.

So there you have it, one completed Mr. Owl. Have I already started another project? Of course I have! And soon I'll tell you all about it.