Saturday, March 7, 2009

In the neighborhood. -or- what up wardie?

So I'm a little freaked out, because in one of my nightly internet searches for free cross stitch patterns I came upon Acadian Corner's page of "free-bees". What first caught my eye was their use of the word lagniappe - ain't nobody use that word unless they come from a very specific geographical area.

Well, I didn't have to look to long to figure out that this shop is, like, maybe a mile from my parents' house!

I didn't of course notice the word Acadian right away. And honestly I doubt it's proper usage anyway; just because you're from the New Orleans area and have a funny accent, that doesn't make you a Cajun. But whatev.

So, why does the discovery of this shop freak me out? Um... I can't really tell you. It just does. But, like, in a good way. Now I want to stop by there next time I'm in town! You should really go check out their site. They have a whole section of "New Orleans" stitch patterns - not cheesy crap either. Really cool stuff, like an aerial view of Jackson Square.

Ugh. Sometimes, when you go looking for something, you end up right back where you started. And sometimes that's a good thing.

* * *

p.s. - "wardie" is pronounced "woedie", or maybe "woahdee" is a better phonetic spelling. You gotta hear it to believe it. A colloquialism for "one who lives in my ward". You know. Like the ninth ward.

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