Monday, March 2, 2009

I finished one!

OK, it's tiny, and something a child could have done. But whatever. I'm picking up where seven year old me left off, after all. So let's give seven year old me a big pat on the head for finishing a beautiful butterfly! Wooo!

It was done on 11 point aida, which I guess is why the grid looks so huge. I think I'm going to work only on 14 point and higher once I'm through the sheet of 11 that I bought. I'm thinking of giving the butterfly to my mom for Mother's day. Yes, I know it's beyond corny. But it'll make her happy, and isn't that what Mother's day is all about?

The chart came from a simple little pattern I found on the internet - I believe it was one of the many you can find on (They're not very good, but they sure are copious.) But When I printed it out and looked at it close, I realized they had it all wonky! It was not symmetrical, but it easily could have been! So of course I redrew it, and everything turned out fine. Of course I added the dots, because I can never leave anything alone.

I can't decide if a) I should go back and add antennae (with backstitching), and/or b) outline the wings with backstitching. Is it finished as is? Opinions?


  1. i think its awesome :) very colorful

  2. Thanks! For some reason I'm totally feeling that color scheme right now.

  3. cool, I've never crossstitched, but I like the look of it.