Friday, March 6, 2009

Fun toys!

Ahh, the internets. No longer do we need a wise old aunt to show us how to make the awesomeness - we have our mac books and wifi! (Of course, I'd take a wise old aunt who knows about awesomeness any day, but we don't all have one to turn to.) Here's some cool stuff I've found that I thought you might enjoy.

This website will turn whatever phrase you give it into a "Celtic" looking font. It will do caps and lower case letters, but not punctuation. For phrases the spacing between words is a bit funny, and even the spacing between letters is a bit off in my opinion, but that's an easy fix.

Here you'll be able to generate patterns for all of the letters of the alphabet - with bluebirds attached!

This one from might be the very best one - because first you choose your stitch font, and then you can enter a whole freakin' phrase! I haven't fully tested its limits, but it seems that it will take a pretty large quantity of text. Then it generates I think a PDF of your chart - pretty damn awesome. You can be a "member" of this site for something like $12 a year and have unlimited access to all of their patterns... I'm thinking about it, but since most of them are fairly advanced I'm thinking I'll wait until the patterns will be of some use to me!

So many designs to play with, so little time...

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