Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Booty! (You know, as in, pirate's treasure.)

I got stuff! Lots and lots of stuff! Too much stuff, probably. But I'm like that. First a photograph, then the inventory...

I got kits! I got floss! I now have enough cross stitch to last me the rest of the year!! Probably literally. There are actually two items that I got that aren't even pictured. One of them is a beginner kit with a butterfly - that will likely be my next project once Mr. Owl is complete (any day now, I swear!). The other is way top secret, as I will be completing it as a gift for someone who reads this blog. I can say only that it is super duper extra special awesome... assuming I can make it come out right.

So, about what is in the picture. There's the hydrangeas. I love these flowers! It's a small kit, but every single square in the design is filled, and there's a lot of subtle shading and such, so I believe that it will be challenging. Maybe I'll give it to my mom for mother's day... next year.

There are the Christmas ornaments - fairly self-explanatory. But it actually is kind of meaningful - one of my big motivations for pursuing the whole cross stitch thing is that it was a favorite pastime of my grandmother. She stitched many such ornaments, which my mother continues to unearth from her parents' attic (she now lives in the house she grew up in) and give to my sister and I as Christmas presents. So when I saw these I thought it would almost be like carrying on some kind of tradition. Sort of.

And there's the dragonfly kit - that thing is gonna be a killer! It's stitched on navy aida, and there's a bunch of gold detailing and beads involved, and, and, and... the thing is though that it's both a dragonfly and it kinda looks like stained glass. How awesome is that? I got this one to make for my sister. I want it to be her birthday present. Her birthday isn't until mid-September, so I feel like maybe I have a shot? Maybe.

And of course there's the floss! Rich, luxe, high quality DMC cotton floss positively drenched in glorious color. Yessiree bob. Now that it has come, I can maybe start thinking of what colors I'll use in my fleur de lis design, which I will probably stitch post butterfly but definitely pre dragonfly...

I really do have my work cut out for me, don't I?

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